Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Birthday Month

Well this year I turned 25. To me I've hit a milestone and it was kind of a BIG DEAL!
 Looking back at my "early 20's" I have many things to be grateful for. 
Thanks to my cute hubby, family and friends it was a birthday I will never forget. 
The day before my birthday Sean was busy getting ready for
 "The Big Day"
Example: Putting this HUGE present in front of me and saying...
 "Don't touch it until tomorrow" 
I was sooooo excited and thought how mean it was to put it right in front of me and not let me open it!
I had to wait.....
Luckily the morning came fast. I woke up to the smell of Sean slaving away in the kitchen (he was born a chef)
It smelled divine. 
He brought me breakfast in bed, homemade crepes with fresh fruit and homemade whip topping & homemade pomegranate syrup.
SERIOUSLY you can only imagine my excitement!
I ate it up in .2 seconds!
He came up with plates in hand, and a bundle of green and white flowers.
Perfect for his St. Patrick's Day Birthday Wife.
It was FINALLY time to open my gift 
He is seriously such a cutie and thought of
I didn't just get one card I got TWO.
My favorite perfume, lotion, & shower gel collection
Gift card for a Shopping Spree 
Tickets to the cutest play "Sylvia" for that night!
It was the BEST present!

Later that day Sean took me to 
Sin City Sushi for lunch.
It is by far our favorite place.
Waiting for our Sushi....

My favorite is the Seared Tuna Roll

His favorite is the Baked Green Mussels
We were stuffed...but seriously CANT WAIT TO GO BACK! 

To digest our food we went and saw 
"This Means War"
Such a cute fun movie and perfect for the two of us.

It was time to head home and get dressed up for our next show
We love plays and musicals so we were both so excited to be in a performing arts theatre again!
The stage was so small and there was only 4 cast members!

The night ended with dessert of course!
My favorite...
My day was perfect spent with my hubby 
I couldn't of asked for a better 25th Birthday.

It doesn't end here....
The next day was spent with my family in celebration of BOTH
my sister-in-law Heather and I's Birthday!
We share the same birthday so of course my family did a dinner for us!
My sister Chalyse came into town to help celebrate. It was so fun having all of us together for our special birthday weekend!

That same week my two girlfriends Katie, Diane and I had our monthly
Girls Night Out
We ate dinner at Cafe Rio and grabbed some dessert at Nielsen's Frozen Custard. It's always a blast being with these girls! I am so happy I have these two in my life!

The following Sunday Sean's family had a special birthday dinner for me. Its a total plus to have both families here in Vegas. I get spoiled so much! 
They were so generous and made my favorite Andersen Dish & Dessert topped off with so many fun gifts! It was such great night spent with them.

The Last Day of the month was my sister Chalyse's Birthday! She came into town with her roommates and we had a great birthday weekend for her! 
It was such a fun way to end the month...of course with another party!
My Baby Sis is 19

Making her Wish...


I am so glad that all of the Jones girls share the same birthday month, it makes for an exciting birthday all month long.

Until next year...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our First Valentine's Celebration

This was Sean and I's first Valentine's Day as a married couple which made our celebration extra special. To get ready for our special celebration I of course had to get in the spirit and got my nails done.
The Friday before Valentine's Day I had a loonngg work day and was so excited to get home and relax all weekend! Sean picked me up from the salon and handed me a Valentine's Card
Inside the card it said we were going to celebrate our
Amazing Valentine's Weekend starting NOW!
I was so surprised and excited!
We both got dressed up and he took me out to dinner to the amazing restaurant B&B at the VENETIAN.
It was delicious and so fancy. I felt so special!
This restaurant is based on the famous Italian Chef
The food was sooo tasty!
After dinner we walked around the hotel and saw the amazing
 Chinese New Year decor entering the Palazzo.
We walked upstairs to see the huge decorated room from the top and came to a waterfall. Of course we decided to make a wish from the top! 
I hope our wishes come true.
The night couldn't of gotten better but of course he had more surprises!
I walked into our bedroom and HE had decorated.
I really am so lucky to have a husband that makes me feel special 
I love him.
Our fun weekend continued Saturday morning with the beautiful wedding of our great friend Brooke and her new husband Mike.
We were able to see the ceremony at the Las Vegas Temple and see them come out as newlyweds
We couldn't be happier for the newlywed couple and wish them all the best and much happiness.

I loved having such a romantic weekend with Sean I HAD to do something for him right??? 
Sunday morning I decided to make him a heart shaped pancake! 
I topped it off with homemade pomegranate syrup and we enjoyed every bite!
He also topped of the weekend and made me BBQ SALMON that night for dinner. SERIOUSLY AMAZING HUBBY.

Leading up to Valentine's Day I also did a 
14 Days of Valentine's
 He got a little gift each day
I seriously spoil him rotten.
Pretty sure he was most excited about the Bachelor Magazine! It is our favorite show to watch together and he got sucked right into all the gossip

Can you believe its not even Valentine's Day yet??
We seriously had such a fun weekend spoiling each other its only natural to keep celebrating especially on VALENTINE'S DAY.
Being the 14th Day of gifts I made sure this was the best one.

His card was extra HUGE.

And so were the Chocolates.
I seriously love surprising him whenever I can
so doing the 14 days of Valentine's
was such a blast!
I hope I can do this every year for him!

When he came home that night he had this for me.
I was so ecstatic HE was home and even more that he brought me such a beautiful rose. So perfect and simple. LOVE HIM.
We ended our Valentine's Day with the most romantic silent film 
I've ever seen
We loved it so much!
I highly recommend it to anyone. 
It was a perfect weekend and Valentine's Day 
I can't wait until next year
and all the surprises that we come up for each other.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Here We Are

Well I have started to blog.
Since our wedding in May we have been busy newlyweds and have had no time to catch up with friends. It is a new year and I felt that this was a great way to keep our close friends and family updated on us! 

I hope we are exciting enough to keep you all interested! 
Once I get the hang of this "blogging" there will be more posts.

The Andersen's